Green Vegetarian

I spent all day doing information interviews, so it was quite a treat to end the day with dinner at Green Vegetarian. I’d eaten breakfast there on Sunday with Christy, and I only wish I’d had time for more trips to the restaurant. On Sunday, we each had delicious french toast which was served with a wonderfully seasoned tofu scramble. Tonight for dinner, I decided to go Tex-Mex since it was my last evening in San Antonio. The meal didn’t disappoint!

Green Vegetarian

I wish I could take food home with me! Here’s my meal before I devoured it: enchiladas with daiya cheese, rice, and refried beans:


Because it wasn’t in walking distance of the hotel, I took the #2 bus, which had a stop just a block away. In the other direction, though, the closest bus stop was half a mile, so going back, I took a cab. I always think taking public transportation when traveling is a fun adventure.

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