Ford Rogue Factory

Perhaps only a management professor can get as excited as I was to take a tour of the Ford Rogue Factory, where Ford F-150 trucks are manufactured. The building achieved a LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Building Council for its incorporation of eco-friendly features, such as the large vegetated roof pictured below. The grounds are good for both the environment, wildlife, and the workers. In addition to viewing the features of the factory, we spent time on the 1/3 mile viewing deck above the factory floor where we could see the workers assemble the trucks. Since job design is a topic I cover in class, I was fascinated to watch how each station was organized and how each worker moved to complete their responsibility. Oh, and there were historical cars, too!

Ford Rouge Factory





Quotation of the Day: Current Events Edition

Robin and Jeanine Bartley-Cohen, who have been together 13 years, got married in New York on Sunday. After the ceremony, their son Ben commented to the press.

“I’ve waited my whole life for them to get married,”
~Ben Bartley-Cohen, Age 8
Hearing the stories of same-sex couples now able to marry in New York fills me with joy. I loved hearing Kitty Lambert, a forceful advocate for the Marriage Equality Bill, talk about how she and her partner, “two fat grandmas” got married after the struggle to promote the legislation which now makes them feel like “full citizens.”

Children Open Up About Their Same-Sex Parents