I Support Marriage Equality

A few days ago at the dog park, I heard a man say to his friend, “We were so disappointed when gay marriage didn’t pass the first time around in New York. We thought of moving to Massachusetts, but decided to wait. It looks like it may happen this time, but if it doesn’t, I think we will move…. We just want to get married.”

The New York State Assembly passed the Marriage Equality Act 80 to 63 earlier today. The next step is a vote in the New York State Senate. Please email your state senator to let them know you want them to support the bill. You can do this easily at the Human Rights Campaign website. Freedom to Marry also has an easy-to-use form to send email to your senator.

I hope for the man at the dog park, and all other same-sex couples who want to marry, that the New York State Senate passes the legislation.