Fence Fundraiser: Ithaca Dog Park

Walter: Ithaca Dog Park

Did you know the Ithaca Dog Park doesn’t receive any funding from the local, county, or state government for operations or capital improvements? Instead, all funds come from private donations. Currently, the dog park is raising funds for a permanent fence. Can you believe that this is the fence that currently protects our precious furkids?

Fence: Ithaca Dog Park

The dog park is trying to raise $10,000 today, tomorrow, and Sunday. If we can hit that target, we have a pledge for a matching donation. Then, we’ll get a permanent fence like the gates at the park.


Please donate a little or a lot, whatever is in your budget! If you donate $150 or more, you are eligible for a plaque.

Fence Me In: Ithaca Dog Park

Donate here!

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