New Arrival

Puppy and Walter

On Saturday, we went to the SPCA to look at a dog, a seven-month-old black puggle. Well, I went and met him, then George joined me, and then we had to go get Walter so the puppy and Walter could meet. Of course, the deal was sealed when I walked into the shelter. Walter played with the puppy (named Milo) for a bit at the shelter, but lost any fondness for the dog when he realized it was coming home with us.

“Milo” didn’t seem to fit, so we tried to find a name more appropriate to his personality and our taste. I had lots of ideas: Lumpy, Elmer, Milton, Martin. But we finally settled on Norman. It was the only name George didn’t find stupid.

Norman is very affectionate and energetic, and he and Walter are beginning to have an understanding. It’s a lot of work with a baby in the house, but it’s worth it!