Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home premiered in New York during the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival at our very own Cinemopolis. Here I am with Harold Brown, one of the subjects of the film, after the movie. I am not sure why I am smiling; for the past hour and a half I had been sobbing. George was frustrated; he wondered why we even went since my reaction was predictable. I told him it was important for me to support the film and to be a witness.

During the Q&A with Harold, Jenny Stein, and James LaVeck, LaVeck was very careful to say that everyone had his or her own journey to take. Even when someone asked what they should know to eat more “humane meat,” they didn’t say, “There is no such thing,” but pointed them to the Humane Myth website. As for me, I thought of the Doctor Who episode “The Beast.”