Boston, Day Five: Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail

On our last full day in Boston, we walked along Charles Street then followed the Freedom Trail from the Boston Common to Bunker Hill. This was an ideal activity because I enjoyed learning about the history and taking photographs while George was happy to be on foot walking through the city. I found it rather amazing to be in the places where the United States was born.

A few drawbacks: we did the trail on a Monday, so the U.S.S. Constitution was closed to visitors. We did go to the museum which was a little goofy but probably ideal for children (and George). Also, by the time we crossed the bridge into Charlestown, it was so cold. The Bunker Hill Monument is closed to visitors right now due to renovations; it would have been nice to be able to go to the top. Even from the bottom of the monument, on the hill, I could see how lovely the view of Boston would be.