First Unitarian Church’s Giant Recycling Sale

Picnik collage
Last weekend, the First Unitarian Society held the annual Giant Recycling Sale. This is the biggest and most important fundraiser of the year, and volunteers have spent the summer collecting and sorting material. There is an entire room for clothes, one for furniture, for books, electronics, crafts, housewares, and things I can’t remember. The first year we moved here, we donated a ton of items – all the things we realized we didn’t want or need after dragging them across the country. This year, I only had a small bag of books, some clothes, and a few miscellaneous geegaws.
Though I went to see if I could find some interesting furniture for the house, I ended up purchasing only some postcards and a few broken necklaces that had interesting beads. It was fun to see the variety of shoppers – a lot of college students but also some die-hard deal seekers. The strangest thing was seeing a young woman carry around and then purchase a dress I’d donated. At least I know it is getting a second life!