Invasion of the S-T-U-D-E-N-T-S

In a heartbeat, Ithaca changes. From a cozy, quiet small town one moment, to a busy, congested, almost unrecognizable college town. The population explodes (doubles, I think) when Cornell and Ithaca college students arrive. Driving on State Street has been impossible. With the arrival of the students comes noise, crowds, traffic… but our economy (not to mention my job) depends on the students, too.

Welcome Back
Wegmans Welcomes Students
Welcome Back
Bed, Bath, and Beyond Uses the Same Banner as Last Year

I was at the antique store earlier, and a man, obviously from out of town, came in, flustered, and told the proprietor that he needed a place to stay because all the hotels, motels, and B&Bs in town are booked. The owner of the store made apologies, but wasn’t surprised since move-in weekend is the busiest weekend in town save graduation, but the assistant had a suggestion – call the Visitors Center. She works there part time and explained they keep a list of B&B cancellations. She didn’t want him to get his hopes up, though. The phones had been busy consistently the past few days, and they’d begun sending people to Binghamton hotels.

Despite the burden of students en mass, individual students are shining stars. Seeing my T.A. today for the first time after summer break made my day! They will certainly be the best thing about going back to school next week.