Garbage Moguls on NatGeo

In the spring of 2009, National Geographic ran the pilot of “Garbage Moguls,” a show about TerraCycle, in conjunction with Earth Week. This happened right after Tom Szaky visited IC, and I was so excited. Since then, I’ve become a huge TerraCycle fan, perhaps even slightly obssessed!

I am just as excited now that National Geographic has annouced three new episodes of Garbage Moguls will air this Fall! The episodes air back-to-back this Saturday, 8/21 – (8 p.m. – 11 p.m. EST, but check your local listings to confirm). TerraCycle employees will be tweeting live – use the tag #garbagemoguls to participate. Visit their facebook site for a triva game they’re hosting during the show.

Here’s a flyer with all the details.

Things I Hate #513 Follow-up

I had to laugh when I started watching The Closer tonight. Buzz walks into the squad room with a stack of pizza boxes, and Flynn started opening them, getting distressed as he got towards the bottom of the pile. Their subsequent conversation went something like this:

Flynn: “Where’s my mushroom pizza? There’s nothing vegetarian here.”
Buzz: “They didn’t have mushroom. I got you green pepper.”
Flynn: “When have you ever seen me eat something with green peppers?”
Buzz: “Well, they’re vegetables!”