Meatout Mondays

Sponsored by FARM and In Defense of Animals, Meatout Mondays is a weekly electronic newsletter that has yummy vegan recipes, product features, and inspirational stories.

Why go vegan?

  • To save the animals
  • To help the environment
  • To improve your health
Even one day a week can make a difference.
In a recent Meatout Mondays newsletter, my friend Roni Seabury from DaisyWares was featured as the inspirational story. She is an inspiration! She is compassionate and kind. Her jewelry and bath/body products are awesome! Roni works tirelessly for animals. Not only does she donate a portion of the proceeds from DaisyWares to Animal Place, she is constantly involved in fundraisers for that and other animal organizations.
Please check out the Meatless Mondays newsletter and the DaisyWares shop!

Read the Printed Word

In reading some blogs recently, I saw the following badge which intrigued me:


Read the Printed Word!

I like reading! I like the printed word! When I went to the website, I learned this is a movement not just to preserve books, newspapers, and magazine but to pledge to read the printed word in these forms. It doesn’t explicitly say that those taking the pledge must eschew digital readers, but the implication is there. I love books, and I don’t think I’ll ever not have them, but I also covet a digital reader, and I don’t think that is wrong either.

I find the pledge particularly ironic, though, because it is a blog badge, which, by definition, is digital!