BP and Animal Cruelty

In the blog, The PETA Files, Ingrid Newkirk argues that if any charges are brought against BP for the oil spill, animal cruelty should be among them. Newkirk almost presents this as fantasy, which of course it is, but she concluded her post by offering a number of personal choices that can make the world better for animals, including reducing meat consumption (or better yet going vegetarian), working to reduce or eliminate factory farming, and buying less gas and other petroleum-based products. All these suggestions are relevant, and so easy. But, for the record, I am totally OK with charging BP with animal cruelty.

Meet Milo


Milo is one of our adorable teddy bear hamsters. We’ve had him for several weeks, but I’ve only recently been able to get a flattering photograph of him. His good looks hide a beastly personality: he’s already bitten me twice! Although a hamster bite does little damage, it does hurt!

No Dinosaurs on Bikes

No Dinosaurs on Bikes

You may have heard about this already… Ithaca is having a problem with dinosaurs on bicycles running amok. For your own good and the good of the community, please keep your bicycles safe and locked up! If you see a dinosaur, please call the authorities.