Nine Dragons

Nine DragonsSince I read Bloodwork, I’ve loved Michael Connelly. With some trepidation, though, due to negative reviews, I began 9 Dragons. (I left my first copy of the book on the Cornell bus to NYC, and it took me some time to gain a replacement.)

Like Connelly’s other Bosch books, this was a nicely-written, fast-paced read, though it sagged in some sections – I was very bored during an analysis of high rise windows in Kowloon – but I did think it was interesting to shift the action to Hong Kong and to introduce Bosch’s daughter, Madeline, as a more compelling character.

On a side note, I was reading this as I taught the organizational culture unit in my OB class. In the first chapter, Bosch describes leaving the squad room and touching the nose of a boar hung over the doorway. (I choose to believe it is a faux board head.) He explains that the detectives in the elite squad must be like boars as they search through the mud for truffles – persistent and patient. I thought this was a great example of ritual-as-artifact.

Overall, it was a quick, fun read that didn’t disappoint. I am worried about what the centrality of Madeline will do to future stories.

Now that I’m done with this book, I need a new mystery novel to read – preferably one that leans toward literary. Any suggestions?