Accidental Knitting Party at Knitting Etc.

Last week, when I went to Knitting Etc. for my Hover Scarf class, I learned that four (!) classes were being held that night in the shop. It actually was great fun to have so many knitters together under one roof! Steven wrote about it at the Knitting Etc. blog and if you look close, you can see me (looking quite ghastly) in one of the photos.

Undulating Waves Knitting Class

Undulating Waves Swatch
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Another knitting class today, this one with Laura Nelkin. She the Creative Director at Schaefer Yarn, and it’s fun to take classes from the person who designed the pattern. Undulating Waves is a lace pattern with beads worked from charts, so we did a swatch in class. By the end of class, I’d ripped out the swatch and cast on for the scarf (18 vs. 38 stitches).