Walk for Farm Animals 2009

Every year, George and I participate in the Walk for Farm animals to benefit the Farm Sanctuary, the country’s leading advocacy organization for farm animals, not to mention my favorite non-profit organization and one of my favorite places on earth. Farm animals suffer more than any other creatures because they are viewed as commodities, not beings with feelings. Despite the hard lives of the abused, neglected, or abandoned animals, the sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, ducks, and rabbits at the farm are sweet, loving, fun, and intelligent. Looking into a cow’s eyes, rubbing a pig’s belly, getting a head butt from a goat or a soft cuddle from a sheep… these animals are so lucky to live at the Farm Sanctuary and we are lucky to have the chance to know them. Their counterparts in factory farms in unspeakable conditions deserve better, and the Farm Sanctuary is working for them.

Last year, I raised just over $500 through Walk sponsorships for the Farm Sanctuary for the animals, and this year, I hope to double that amount, but I need your help. Please sponsor me–your donation will be responsibly used by the Farm to protect and support the animals who need it most. You can sponsor me online at Firstgiving or send me a check made to THE FARM SANCTUARY. Any amount is much appreciated. Thank you in advance for helping me help the animals.

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