September 2009 Monthly Scavenger Hunt List

Since I finished the August hunt with only a few hours to spare, I could definitely use ideas for these clues!

September 2009 Scavenger Hunt

1. Saved by the bell (Please tag as msh0909-1 and msh0909)

2. Acceptance (msh0909-2 and msh0909)

3. Bella Detesta Matribus (msh0909-3 and msh0909)

4. Mug (msh0909-4 and msh0909)

5. Cassava (msh0909-5 and msh0909)

6. Tongue-tied (msh0909-6 and msh0909)

7. Hats, hats, hats (msh0909-7 and msh0909)

8. Bun in the oven (msh0909-8 and msh0909)

9. Halal (msh0909-9 and msh0909)

10. Race Day (msh0909-10 and msh0909)

11. Autumn (msh0909-11 and msh0909)

12. Skid lid (msh0909-12 and msh0909)

13. Copper (msh0909-13 and msh0909)

14. Sleeping dogs (msh0909-14 and msh0909)

15. Stargazer (msh0909-15 and msh0909)

16. Bodacious (msh0909-16 and msh0909)

17. Baby animal (msh0909-17 and msh0909)

18. Hunky Dory (msh0909-18 and msh0909)

19. Magnetic (msh0909-19 and msh0909)

20. Blackout (msh0909-20 and msh0909)

Weekend in New Hampshire

Weekend in New Hampshire
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We spent the weekend in New Hampshire with Diane and Shae. On Friday, we saw the Sugarland concert at Meadowbrook, which was amazing and broke attendance records. (No cameras were allowed, so I didn’t take mine to the concert; little did I know the rule would not be enforced.)

Saturday, we drove around Lake Winnipeaukee, ate a very tasty dinner, and then Shae treated us to a tour of the lake on a beautiful replica of a 1920s speedboat. It was so much fun to be on the water!

Sunday, we had to get back, and George didn’t want to take interstates, so we drove FOREVER, although we did see some very cute towns.

Help Save Orangutan Forest

The following message is from my dear friend Jen. Please visit the link to help save the orangutan’s habitat!

Please help!

There is a proposal to clear thousands of acres of orangutan forest in Indonesia.Orangutans have been recently released into this area, and approval of this proposal will be devastating to their habitat.You can sign the petition to stop this proposal at the Australian Orangutan Project site below.

You can also read more about Palm oil issues on the site. Please take time to read a little about Palm Oil and how not only is it affecting orangutans, but tigers, rhinos and elephants too. I urge you all, please read labels and avoid whenever possible purchasing items containing palm oil.

Thank you,