Goodbye, Bubba

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Bubba came into our lives when Ryan found him running along a busy Oklahoma City street in 1998 or 1999, right after I moved back to Oklahoma. Since Grandpa and Grandma had had many Rat Terriers, it was natural they would give him a home. (As they had for many other animals!)

Bubba was a great friend to Grandpa during the final years of his life, and has been a wonderful companion to Grandma, Lizzie, my Mother, Coco, and T Bone. We all wish he could have been with us longer, but his breathing became incredibly labored. It seems his trachea had collapsed and nothing could be done to repair it. He died peacefully and loved yesterday afternoon.

We always laughed that Bubba loved the ladies because if Kelli or I were at Grandma’s, he’d abandon sleeping with her to come sleep with either of us. I can’t believe he won’t be there the next time I visit Ardmore.