Tumblr Idea Journal

This semester, I am requiring my students in Business Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship to keep a weekly “Idea Journal.” I was hoping the assignment would help the students engage in and think through the material we were covering each week. So far, the assignment has not fulfilled my expectations–I’ll have to think of reworking it the next time I teach the course.

Because I am requiring if of my students, I thought I would create a tumblr account, too. It’s a cool way of amassing information, but I miss the comment feature. I would like the students to know that I am looking at and thinking about their entries. (Some students are writing blogs instead, while others are utilizing off-line Word documents.)

Here’s my tumblr page: http://aimeedars.tumblr.com/. So I have a blog, flickr, facebook, twitter, tumblr, and myspace (which I never update). The Daily Show spoof of social networking is ringing too true!

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