Please Help Green Mountain College Pigs

Friends of Animals

As part of the Farm and Food Project, Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont , is planning to kill six pigs—whose flesh will be served to students in the college dining facility. The website for the Farm and Food Project boasts that it is “practicing the solutions” to “soil erosion, global hunger and malnutrition, agricultural pollutants in our drinking water, or climate change.” Raising, killing and commodifying animals is not part of the solution, it’s the problem itself.

Animal agribusiness—regardless of scope or scale—is not sustainable, humane or just. Even small-scale farming is unrealistic in a world with countless billions of homo-sapians and free-living animals vying for space. There simply isn’t enough room on the planet. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s 2006 report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, detailed how the milk and meat industries are linked to 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions — more than the entire transportation sector.

Friends of Animals is offering to find sanctuary for these six pigs. Please contact Green Mountain College’s farm manager, Kenneth Mulder, and politely request that the pigs lives be spared, and at the same time, suggest that the food project move in a truly progressive and radical direction—towards a plant-based agriculture. Human hunger is satisfied and an attitude of respect is achieved through vegan principles—an agriculture of peace.

You can contact Kenneth Mulder by e-mail at