Kudos to Mutts!

Cartoonist Patrick McDonnell is devoting a week of his comic strip, MUTTS, to educating folks about California’s Prop 2, which would ensure humane conditions for farm animals in the state, the largest agricultural producer in the U.S.

Please vote for Prop 2 if you live in California. If not, please tell everyone you know in California to support the measure.

See the Farm Sanctuary’s press release here!

Ithaca Stands Out as "Veg-Friendly" City

Ithaca College’s student paper did an article on Ithaca as a veg-friendly city this week! Some of the students in the Ithaca College Vegetarian Community (for which I am faculty advisor) were interviewed, as was Gene Bauer of the Farm Sanctuary.

The article discussed the dining services’ efforts on behalf of vegans/vegetarians as well as the general vegetarian culture in Ithaca due to the farmer’s market, Greenstar, Moosewood, and other veg-friendly restaurants. The article also points out the deleterious effect of factory farming on animals, people, and the environment.

The Ithacan article