World Suicide Prevention Day

Wednesday, September 10, is World Suicide Prevention Day. Around the world, each minute 1-2 people die from suicide, and in developing countries, suicide is a leading cause of death among teenagers. World Suicide Prevention Day is designed to bring attention to the high costs of suicide as well as promote understanding of suicide behaviors and awareness of effective prevention.

At Ithaca College, the Counseling Center is sponsoring a number of activities surrounding World Suicide Prevention Day and National Suicide Prevention week, including a talk by Carlo Troise who lost his only son to suicide. A full listing of activities is available here.

DawnWatch on Palin

Karen Dawn, of DawnWatch, has an extensive alert and call to action regarding Palin’s nomination and the opportunities it provides to bring animals into the conversation regarding the upcoming election. Dawn explains, “Sarah Palin has so far shown a level of hostility to animal interests that is well outside the norm. Her presence on the ticket therefore gives us the chance to let it be known that such a stance matters, and that to most people, both Democrat and Republican, it is a negative.” Please read her entire discussion here.

DawnWatch is entirely nonpartisan and will not tell you for whom to vote, but I am not constrained by that position, and I will tell you to vote for Obama, for the animals, for social justice, and for the environment.