McCain’s VP Choice Bad for Animals

Please, please, reconsider voting for John McCain if he is your top presidential pick. His Vice Presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, is a disaster on all the issues that matter to me, and I hope matter to you: social justice, the environment, and, most close to my heart, animals.

Michale Markarian, of the Huntington Post, discusses how both VP candidates fair on animal issues here. I strongly encourage you to read his article and consider if you want Palin to represent you in the White House.

Some of her positions:

  • Polar Bears should not be on the endangered species list (She opposed the listing, and when the Bush Administration put the polar bear on the list, filed a lawsuit against it.)
  • Hunters should receive bonuses for the aerial shooting of wolves (She spent $400,000 of state money on a PR campaign to support her position.)
  • Trophy hunting is a valuable sport

She is not the kind of leader we want for the nation.