Bumper Stickers and Civil Liberties

For Flickr, I’ve been photographing bumper stickers (surreptitiously, hopefully). Ithaca is full of great stickers with which I agree, so it’s a fun hobby. Recently, I got a shot of the sticker NO, YOU CAN’T HAVE MY CIVIL LIBERTIES, I’M STILL USING THEM. This is one of my favorites, because, in the past eight years, the erosion of civil liberties has been disturbing, more so because masked in the veil of patriotism and safety.

Animal rights and eco- activists are particularly susceptible to violations–we are the biggest terrorist threat facing the nation, according to the FBI. For example, individuals picketing a Honey Baked Ham franchise to raise awareness regarding a vegetarian diet and factory farms were photographed by agents and, I believe, investigated further. It’s totally ridiculous! So, sadly, when I hear of new restrictions, I am hardly surprised, though no less appalled.

Today, Bob Torres, vegan extraordinare, has written about a new encroachment on our civil liberties–particularly on the limitations of the state to search and seize without cause. Recently, border patrol agents have been given the authority to seize laptops or other equipment for an unspecified period of time. Check out Bob’s post Now They Can Take Your Laptop.

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