Guess How Many Beads!

For my first blog contest, I wanted to do something fun that I hadn’t seen before. I decided I would have a “Guess How Many Beads in the Jar” contest. I made these beads out of scrapbooking paper, and they looked so pretty in the jar that I left them there as a decoration instead of making any jewelry out of them.

By doing this contest, I’m not being a very good marketer–I’m not sending you to my jewelry store, Aimee Dars Designs, to look at my pieces. So I would appreciate it if you would head over to the store and take a look at the offerings.

1) Guess how many handmade paper beads are in the jar and send your guess to me at You can leave your guess in the comments, too, but that might give entrants after you an unfair advantage. (Think of the Price is Right.)
2) Send your entry by August 5, 2008 for consideration. Only one entry per person.
3) The person who guesses the closest without going over wins. If no one fits that bill, the person who is closest and has gone over wins. If the winning number is selected by two or more people, a drawing will determine the winner.

Any single item in my jewelry shop up to $25.00. Alternatively, you may take $25.00 off a single item that is priced over $25.00.

Good luck!

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