Pita Jungle’s Macro Platter

Last night, George and I had to go to ASU’s campus to clear out my office. What a disaster! I forgot to bring the hand cart from home, so George had to carry all the boxes down to my truck. Because he’s a silly man with something to prove, he walked down three flights of stairs each trip instead of taking the elevator. It’s amazing how much junk I’d accumulated over the past four years housed in that office. I filled up the recycling bin with all the unnecessary papers I’d saved.

Since we were in Tempe, we ate at Pita Jungle. I love their Macro Platter. The tofu as well as the beans have the best flavor. The steamed veggies are always so fresh. Since I first tried the Macro Platter, I’ve eaten nothing else at Pita Jungle. The meal had such a lovely presentation–and quite possibly it was the last time I’ll eat at Pita Jungle–so I had to snap a photo for my blog and Flickr. Of course, reticent George was horrified and embarrassed!

You can see all my Flicker photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/aimeedars. I love comments!

30 Days: PETA vs. The Hunter


30 Days, now in its third season, has been both a critical success and a favorite with cable viewers. The show is FX’s most successful unscripted series as over 2.4 million viewers tune in each week. 30 Days has been nominated for a Producer’s Guild Award for a Television Series or Special: Non-fiction, and it won a GLAAD award for outstanding reality series.

George Snedeker is an avid hunter (from North Carolina) who considers it much more than a sport; to George, hunting is a way of life.

For 30 days, George will live in Los Angeles with vegan Melissa Karpel, and her vegan family. Melissa is a Los Angeles Campaign Coordinator for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a non-profit organization that fights for animal rights.

George will participate in PETA initiatives including a demonstration at a popular fast food chain, work at a local farm animal rescue center and meet with various organizations such as Last Chance for Animals!

AIRDATE- Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 9pm (EST) on FX.

For more information on the show, 30 days, click here!