Dissertation Deposited

Yesterday, I schlepped nine copies of my dissertation to the bookstore, in the very final step of this process. (My family is very excited about my Ph.D., so they all want bound copies, plus we have to provide two copies to the school for the library.) It was a total relief to hand them over and to know that now I am totally, finally finished.

I did, however, have serious sticker shock. I knew that I had to pay a $55 charge to deposit the document, as well as a $20 per copy binding fee. I did not anticipate all the other little charges that made me drop my jaw. Each of the seven copies for myself and my family cost $5 for a mailing charge. I also had to pay for mailing envelopes. The worst charge was for the length of my title. I went one character over the limit for the second tier ($5/book), so I had to pay an additional $13 per copy for a freaking “s.” All total, I paid the bookstore $388. (I should say Grandma paid the bookstore, since she helped fund this operation.)

I will officially graduate in August 2008, and the bound copies should arrive in approximately 4 months.


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