Restoring Virginity

The New York Times reported that many Middle Eastern women living in Europe are undergoing plastic surgery to restore their hymens and provide the illusion of virginity on their wedding nights. Sometimes, women are required to go to gynecologists before their marriage to receive a confirmation of virgin status.

This is happening in Europe, in particular, because of the clash of European and Middle Eastern sexual values. While sex before marriage is often accepted or tolerated by those living in Europe, the religion definitely restricts sex outside of marriage. One couple, the article reported, had been engaged four years and had been sexually active, but they decided to have the woman undergo the surgery to placate the man’s family, who was requiring the woman go see a gynecologist.

While I think this is extreme, the consequences for sex before marriage for Middle Eastern women can be more severe than Westerners might imagine. What do you think?

New York Times Story

Quotation of the Day

From Newsweek (June 16, 2008):

“The largest proclamation of one’s faith ought to be in how one lives one’s life” –South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

Newsweek explains that Sanford gave this quote “sounding a note of dissent after his state, over his objections, became the first in the nation to offer license plates displaying the phrase ‘I believe’ and a Christian cross on a stained glass window.”