Animal Place Fundraiser

Animal Place, a farm animal sanctuary in Vacaville, CA, urgently needs to move in order to upgrade its facilities for the health and safety of its animals and to have more space to accommodate a larger number of rescues. Information about the move is available on their website here.

Roni (at left with one of the cows at Animal Place), one of the great people I’ve met on Etsy, runs Daisy Wares, and is a member of Vegan Etsy and Etsy for Animals. She donates a portion of her sales to Animal Place and is an untiring advocate for animals. This month, she, along with the Bay Area Vegetarians Group, is hosting a fundraiser to help raise money for the down payment on new land for Animal Place. (I wish I could go–it sounds like so much fun!)
For those of us, like myself, who are too far to attend the fundraiser, we can still help by donating vegan items to sell at the fundraiser or by donating money directly to Animal Place. If you are interested in donating an item, please let me know, and I will get you in touch with Roni.
This is a great organization that does so much good for the animals. Please help!

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