Hit and Run

This morning, at 6:30 a.m., George called and told me the sheriff would be coming by. I wasn’t quite awake, so at first, I thought he’d called the sheriff on me for some reason, but I couldn’t think of any offenses that merited that treatment! Then he explained that our mailbox was the victim of a senseless hit and run accident last night. After we said goodbye, I went to look at the carnage. Victims: the mailbox, the mailbox stand, and two trees. Evidence: several pieces of the car, including a piece of bumper with a sticker listing a portion of the VIN.

When the sheriff’s deputy came to the door later in the morning, he said, “You called us?” I told him, “Someone hit our mailbox.” His reply: “What mailbox?” since he couldn’t see it as it had been flung off it’s pedestal several feet. Soon, a second deputy arrived. The dogs and I could hardly handle the excitement…two sheriff’s vehicles in our driveway, lights flashing.
With the car parts the driver left after his (or her) accident, it is likely the sheriff’s department will be able to find the perpetrator and achieve justice for the mailbox and fallen trees. In all seriousness, there is a huge problem with drivers in New River. The roads, many dirt, are two lane and curvy, yet drivers are impatient and/or drunk. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the person driving the car was under the influence.