Help Protect ANWAR–Take Action Now!

Under the guise of relief from high gas prices, certain folks in congress have attached an amendment to the flood bill that would allow commercial access to ANWAR and the Pacific Coast shoreline. One, any drilling in ANWAR would not affect oil prices for years. Two, protecting animals who rely on ANWAR is a much more important long-term priority. Extinct is forever.

Please send a letter to your representatives by visiting the In Defense of Animals Action Alert site.

Quick Update

Gary has been here since Saturday helping George finish up the renovations. They tiled the master bathroom, installed the vanity and toilet, did all kinds of things in the garage, not to mention the activities through which I slept.

Meanwhile, I’ve been grading finals and finishing my dissertation final draft.

Sloane is still sick–she is so skinny now! She’s still on antibiotics and sounds congested. At the same time, she’s making progress.

Elita had her baby either last night or this morning–Lucas Luay Shino. Can’t wait to see him!