Yummy New Cereal

I just tried a new cereal from Kashi, Cinnamon Harvest, part of their Organic Promise line. The cereal is very yummy: sweet, but not overpowering like Frosted Mini Wheats. I ate it dry as a snack, and I know it would be equally good with soy milk.

When I saw it in the store, I wasn’t sure it would be vegan–Kashi isn’t a vegan company–so I turned to the ingredient list. (I’ve seen t-shirts that say Vegan: Ingredient Reader Extraordinaire.) Usually, ingredient lists have about a million items, and most of them are incomprehensible and scary chemicals. Imagine my surprise when the list for this cereal was only FOUR items long, all real, recognizable food items. It was amazing!

Put this cereal on your shopping list! You will like it!

No Smoking!

For people that is. The government doesn’t care if newborn and pregnant animals smoke. In fact, in the past five years, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have given over $16 million to fund animal experiments involving nicotine.

As part of this year’s World Week for Animals in Laboratories, In Defense of Animals is sponsoring a call-in campaign to the NIH asking them to stop funding these unnecessary and cruel experiments.

Please help these innocent victims by making a call or sending an email.

Details here.