Favorite SVU Line

In the episode “Signature,” Erica Christensen guest stars as an FBI agent who partners with Olivia to find a serial killer who rapes, tortures, and kills women. Despite the heavy subject matter, there is a snippet of dialogue so funny, I often think of it.

Benson and Cooper go to a gentleman’s club looking for Lavender, a potential suspect. They ask a rather rotund, dapper African-American proprietor if he is Lavender. So wounded, the man pipes back, “It’s LE-vander, LE-vander.”

Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day–please be mindful of your choices today and every day and remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Of course, going vegan is a great way to help the environment, and EarthSave has a lot of information about the link between plant-based diets and environmentalistm.

If you must buy, visit the VeganEtsy shops offering Earth Day promotions! See the list here.