We’re So Honored!

After seeing my avatar on Etsy (the picture on the left), InaBit created a fabulous collage based on the photograph. It’s for sale on her etsy shop, so go buy one!

For more on Inabit’s work, revisit this blog entry I did regarding her absolutely adorable “Shelter Dogs” pendant.

Harvey and I feel very honored to have set off the creative spark, and we love the collage!

World Week for Animals in Laboratories

Today begins World Week for Animals in Laboratories. Millions and millions of animals die each year in labs. This is a tragedy, and we should do our part to end this practice. You may be thinking…but the deaths of those animals help the lives of humans or other animals. This is a false rationalization. Given current advances in technology, other methods are available that are more accurate, more flexible, and, of course, cruelty-free. In addition, animal biology does not perfectly mimic human biology, so the reactions in animals may not be the reactions in humans. Furthermore, animals are used in tests that are totally outrageous and unnecessary. If you have a dog or cat, you know how they look at you with complete love and trust. Can you imagine the betrayal of this trust for lab animals who are cut open, poked, bled, and otherwise tortured? If this is not convincing to you, visit the online resources provided by WWAL. Look at some of the photographs of animals in the experiments and see if you can live with it, knowing that there are peaceful alternatives that do not involve the suffering of innocent victims.