The Butterfly Effect

Edward Lorenz, discoverer of the Butterfly Effect and known as the father of chaos theory, passed away. Most of what I knew about the Butterfly Effect was very unscientific, so the obituaries on NPR were interesting in that they provided a better base of understanding Lorenz’s claims. Story

Sick Sloane Thursday Update

Sloane is still at the animal hospital and not doing well. They’ve given her steroids, which has been shown in some studies to help jolt cats out of this behavior, but Sloane doesn’t seem to be interested in food. George and the doctors at the clinic are keeping a good eye on her, so we’re hopeful. It does seem to be that this illness was caused by the changes in our house–workers making noise, visitors, and moved furniture. It’s heart wrenching that we can’t do anything to help her.

UPDATE: Tonight George said that the doctors X-rayed Sloane’s head and that the likely culprit of her illness is a severe inner ear infection. She is still at the hospital receiving antibiotics and fluids.

Thanks to the doctors and staff at VetMed for taking such good care of her!