Happy Birthday, Ringer!

Abandoned Wild Babies Animal Rescue (AWBAR) of Lockport, IL rescues and rehabilitates small animals such as raccoons, ducks, rabbits, and squirrels. They are fundraising for medical expenses, shelter, and food. AWBAR is a member of Etsy for Animals and a great friend to wildlife. They are celebrating the fifth birthday of Ringer, their blind raccoon, who sadly lost his eyesight after being abused. Luckily, AWBAR nursed Ringer back to health and has given him a safe and loving home since he cannot be released back into the wild.

To help raise funds, AWBAR is selling t-shirts with their very adorable logo (featuring Ringer, of course!) Please buy an AWBAR t-shirt or one of the other great products in their shop.

Buy an AWBAR t-shirt!
Thanks to Amanda Smith of AWBAR for permission to use Ringer’s birthday photo!

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