Go Orange!

Today is ASPCA Day to celebrate the venerable organization’s victories on behalf of animals. Please visit their website to take the anti-cruelty pledge and learn more about the programs of the ASPCA.

Etsy’s Dog Mafia has created a treasury of fun, handmade doggie items, and the sellers are donating $1.00 to the ASPCA for each sale. More of their sellers are listed in this discussion thread.

Sick Sloane

My cat, Sloane, is not doing well. She is lethargic and not eating much. In the past, she’s always run to me when I’ve called for her, but she is not doing that now, either. Yesterday, George took her into work for tests. An ultrasound and an X-ray revealed nothing, so we are waiting on the blood work. I still miss Emma so much, and I don’t want to lose Sloane.