Persian GSG

The latest weave I’ve tried: Persian GSG. So pretty and none of the Half-Persian stress! The instructions I used and rings in this bracelet come from Marilyn Gardiner who also gave me a private class in Viper’s Scale (photo to come). According to Deakron, “GSG” stands for “Great Southern Gathering” because it is at that gathering that Buddha (no, not that Buddha) developed the pattern.

Oprah on Puppy Mills

Today, Oprah Winfrey’s show will cover the horrors of puppy mills. Just a few weeks ago, hundreds of small dogs were rescued from a breeder near Tucson. The Humane Society of the United States has had a long-standing campaign against puppy mills.

Adoption is always best–millions of healthy animals are killed every year because they don’t have homes–but the HSUS does have tips on finding reputable breeders for those who do choose to buy a pet.

Oprah’s Site
Arizona Republic Article
HSUS: Stop Puppy Mills

If You Aren’t Scared Yet, You Will Be

Today on Fresh Air, Michael Greenberger discussed the economy. His intereview was interesting but made me nervous. The comment that stands out most is this–he said that lots of experts are saying that the economy is the worst it’s been since World War II, but by that, they mean it’s the worst it’s been since the Great Depression. I’ve heard that comment–in fact I heard it tonight on the radio driving home–several times. Now, I wonder: how bad can it get?

NPR Story