National Priorities

Nothing like waiting until the last minute…my car tags expire today, and I had to get an emissions test before renewing. That meant a long drive into town to go to an emissions testing station. While en route, I was listening to KJZZ, our local NPR station, and heard a quick but distressing news story on the Petrified Forest National Park.

Although Congress voted in 2004 to expand the boundaries of the park, they have not allocated money for the land’s purchase. Landowners near the park are losing patience–and money–so are looking for buyers. It’s likely that the land around the park will be purchased by developers instead of the government.

It would be nice to think that preserving the land and the archaeological record on it are a priority for our nation.

Arizona Republic Story

Dissertation Despair

Many delays on the dissertation due to data analysis trouble. My model has formative and reflective latent constructs which means that writing the syntax for the data analysis is a little tricky, not to mention understanding the theory behind why the constructs are modeled differently. One of the prominent researchers in this area is on the Marketing faculty at ASU, and she has kindly agreed to meet with me this week. I’m hopeful that with her advice, I will have an acceleration in my progress.

All in all, though, the process is making me feel very despondent and unhappy. I’m incredibly stressed, and I’m having horrible headaches daily. I really can’t wait until this is over.