Help the Phoeniz Zoo Orangutans

Jen sent me an email letting me know that the Phoenix Zoo is planning a much-needed upgrade for the orangutan exhibit. The first stage of the upgrade is a night/cold-weather shelter. If enough funds aren’t collected for the shelter, the orangutans will have to be housed at a different zoo until the new exhibit is complete. This, of course, it totally unfair to these great animals who as Jen put it, “didn’t have a choice to be ambassador for their species.” (As a side note, when George was employeed at the zoo, he worked with these orangutans.)

If you visit the links below, you can read a story about the new exhibit as well as see adorable photos.

PLEASE think about donating. There is even a raffle with all proceeds going to this project. If you are interested, let me know and I will put you in contact with Jen.

Arizona Republic Story
Photos from Phoenix Zoo

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