Poor Bees!

Yesterday, a trailer en route to Oregon carrying millions of bees in almost 450 colonies overturned near Sacramento. Media coverage (links below) have focused on the dollar loss of the bees who are prized due to their shrinking population and ability to pollenate Northern California crops like almonds. The number of bee stings endured by “rescuers” was also a favorite topic. Of course, the rescuers were there to reclaim the bees–not for their own sake but for their value. The bees are treated like commodities, like goods, the same as if a trailer filled with tshirts overturned. The bees just wanted to get back to their own hive, with their queen bee, but because of the number of colonies and disorientation from the crash, many couldn’t find their way home and became aggressive. As an afterthought, NPR reported that hundreds of thousands of bees were killed. This is why vegans don’t eat honey.

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